Dave has helped us research and review our benefits package. Dave has provided us with accurate and reliable information. With all the changes in the insurance industry we rely on Dave & his team for our benefits. His expertise and knowledge is extremely valuable. I can always rely on Dave to be quick in answering my questions, always delivering the best in customer service.

Nicole Hale

Vital Worklife

Dave has worked with us over 10 years now and has researched our life & medical, dental insurance. Dave continues to educate us with his knowledge. He continues to shop our insurance and finds us the best value for us. We would strongly recommend calling Dave for any of your insurance needs.

Joe & Mary Bauer

Quiet Oaks St Cloud MN

Dave is the most knowledgable person I know in the realm of benefit insurance programs. He takes care to provide the right product for the need, is honest about what he provides, and is diligent in doing things quickly and correct the first time. He is a great partner for your business to have.

Brad Stevens

Commercial Relationship Manager at Alerus Financial

Dave helped us with our Medicare & dental insurance options. He was able to educate us on the all the options and the premiums were very affordable. We recommend you to call Dave

Mike & June

St Cloud MN

We used the Vision Insurance plan that Dave found for our company and for one of the spouse’s used the vision plan and saved over $350 on his glasses. This is an Awesome plan!


Walter's Trucking

Navigating the new health insurance landscape was proving challenging for me. The exchange websites are famously and frustratingly flawed, so not a great option for me as I looked for information. Dave was readily available, took time to understand my situation and needs, and provided a variety of options for my consideration. I enthusiastically recommend Dave and his agency to anyone trying to sort out their health insurance decisions.

Brian Hart

Insight Insurance Services makes HR record keeping easy. They archive my previous years policy information so that my files in the office stay less congestive. Thanks Insight Insurance Services for helping me stay more organized!!

Sara Yurczyk

Granite City Tool

When my husband and I received our health insurance rate increase of $160 per month we were frustrated! Since we already have a very high deductible, our insurance carrier has not paid out a penny for the years we have been with them. We knew it was time to search other insurance providers for a better rate. Neither of us was looking forward to the internet search and all the time it takes to provide our personal info, wait for quotes and then try and decipher what really is the best way for us to go.

The mailing that Dave Toeben at Insight Insurance sent to us, to offer his services, was very timely. When we called him to see what he would provide, we realized he had the access, staff and knowledge to accomplish this for us. By providing some basic info to him, within a few days he had some quotes and we set up a time to discuss them. Our decision on a new carrier was made very easy. Dave saved us a lot of time by researching his network of providers and narrowing it down for us. He completed the application process and all the administrative pieces.

I have recommended Dave to others because we find using the people who are experienced in a particular field saves us time and money.

Dan & Karen

Sauk Rapids MN

We have worked with Dave for 10 years and he has been proactive in helping us keep up with healthcare reform and has kept our cost in line.

Tim Hennen

Hennen Lumber Company

We have been working with Dave for 10 yrs and he gets back to us promptly answering our questions, informs us about the insurance options available.

Randy Volkmuth

DJV Enterprises

Dave helped us research benefits for our employees and was able to find dental, life, disability and vision insurance at a very affordable premium that we have provided for our employees. Dave answers our questions and keeps us up to date on the changes that occur.

Noel M Johnson, Broker

Premier Real Estate Services

We have worked with Dave for over 10 years and he has helped us stay in compliance with healthcare reform. Dave has been able to help us keep our cost low for all of our insurance. His service is top notch.

Corina Schlichting, CPA

Steven V. Baker, Ltd. Certified Public Accountants

Dave Toeben from Insight Insurance Services called us 2 yrs ago about reviewing our dental insurance. We met with Dave and he reviewed our plan, shopped the market and came back with recommendations and was able to lower our cost of our dental plan and add a vision plan and our company still saved money. Dave also was able to find a program that our employees can buy disability and life insurance for our employees at no cost to the company. Our employees are happy to be able to purchase the coverage through work at reduced rates. We would encourage you to sit down with Dave to review your options.


Dave Hoeffel, President

Endurance Technologies

Dave from Insight Insurance Services met with us and found out what type of a dental, life & disability benefit plan we were looking for. Dave priced it out and it was a very affordable employee benefit that my employees appreciated. Dave came to our office to explain the benefits to our employees. His service has been great! Give Dave a call to review your benefits.

Matt Haley, President

Energy Insight Inc

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Our mission is to work with our clients to develop comprehensive employee benefits and insurance plans, while providing them with industry-leading tools and support.

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