Learn more about Payroll Integration

There are a lot of reasons to integrate payroll with HR, benefits, and onboarding. First, benefits and onboarding impact payroll. Employers are looking for a fully integrated system of record, so they only have to make changes once and have the information sync across systems. If an employee with payroll integration has a benefit adjustment, the change would flow to the employee’s payroll.

Our robust payroll integrations with ADP, TRAXPayroll, Payroll City and Paylocity will reduce your administrative work.

Insight Insurance and Dave have helped us with our employee benefits from the day the company started. The online benefits management system and payroll system is incredibly smooth and convenient! It has saved me a lot of time and hassle. All employee changes are communicated directly from the benefits management system to our payroll system, making payroll a breeze. I feel like I have more control over payroll, but it doesn’t take more of my time. I would recommend Insight Insurance Services. I was also pleasantly surprised how easy it was to transition from our old payroll company to our new payroll with Insight Insurance Services. Dave is a great resource, and I appreciate how quick he is to respond to my emails and phone calls

Shantel Nelson

Dayta Marketing