Employee Benefits

At Insight Insurance Services, we help you see your health benefits as an opportunity, not a burden. We restore transparency and control to an expense that always seems to cost more while providing less.

Healthcare represents one of the most substantial expenses a company undertakes each year, and it directly affects profitability and employee satisfaction. It is one of the few areas where business leaders can gain control of an ever-growing expense.

Insight Insurance Services can help you get free from the spiraling costs and headaches that come from dealing with mega-insurance providers. If you are a small business leader (15-250 employees), we should talk about how to improve your healthcare plan. Insight Insurance Services has two decades of experience helping employers reduce their healthcare spending. Our advice has even resulted in clients receiving a refund check from their insurance company; one client received $95,000, and another received $6000. There is a better way to provide benefits to your employees! Our clients love our customer service.

Thanks to Dave we have been able to reduce our health insurance premiums enough that we were able to add vision coverage to our employees at zero additional costs. Dave is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and is always looking for the best option for our employees and us. He has introduced us to HR support, which has saved us numerous hours researching updated forms, onboarding new employees, organizing our documents. His software creates a digital space for our employees to log into to view all of their information without having to pull me away from other essential functions — plus being able to call an HR Professional on demand to ask a question or send an email to them if it isn’t urgent.

Stephaine Ament

Endurance Technologies