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Every year, the cost of health care is devouring your profits.   Healthcare is the Second or Third biggest line item on the P & L.    

Do you feel trapped inside of the big insurance monster?

We’re the secret weapon that C-Suite & HR Leaders rely on to offer more efficient and less expensive ways to obtain their healthcare insurance. We strive to reduce the cost of their premiums 10-20% without cutting benefits

Dave is a trusted resource and offers great advice in this consultation. Thank you

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The Health Insurance Monster

The way health insurance works, unfortunately, is you end up paying a massive amount of money to this big insurance company and every year they raise the rates. 11% here and another 15% there and the insurance monster is born. The terrifying part is that we have no control, the monster keeps growing and eating more of our profits each year.  

The Insurance Monster gives you nothing in return -no claims information, and certainly no reward if your employees are healthy & have fewer claims.   Your employees are subsidizing everyone the insurance company insures!  The Insurance Monster is your worst “employee expense” – time to fire it!

How we help you tame it

Insight Insurance and Dave have provided us wonderful service over the years! His services are superior and response time is prompt. We appreciate the services and would recommend his services to any small business.

Corina Schlichting

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Our approach is, why should you subsidize everybody in the Insurance Company? Why shouldn’t your premiums be based on your employee’s health risk & claims instead of the insurance company’s?

If employees are less risk and healthier, why shouldn’t you get some of your money back If it’s not all spent on claims? The insurance company is never going to tell you how much they have paid out in claims. Now you can take control back and pay proportionately, and even get money back if claims are low.

Most companies don’t know that there is an alternative.   However, there is a secret to controlling healthcare, and it is more equitable control, insight, transparency.   The secret is fair for your business, not the Insurance Monster.  I know that sounds simple, but that’s been the missing piece in healthcare.   We strive to reduce the cost of their premiums 10-20% without cutting benefits.

Our advice has resulted in clients receiving a refund check from their insurance company; one client received $95,000, and another received $6000. There is a better way to provide benefits to your employees

If you or a business owner/CFO is tired of being trapped, I’m happy to come in and do a free audit

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