Love working with Dave. He is smart, listens to the client’s needs and is a hard worker. He is always looking for ways to refer his partners and always does what is best for the clients. Thank you Dave


Matt Rogers

Heartland Payroll

Insight keeps me very informed with regards as to what is going on with my accounts. They let me know what is expected of me with regards to getting information that is needed. I feel as tho’ a lot of the HR burden of the business has been minimized, and Insight is watching my back.

Susan Diemer

Nashville Refrigeration Inc

Dave goes above and beyond to us because he’s working in the best interest of his customers.

Charlotte Currier

Energy Insight, Inc.

Dave, you showed you know your stuff but more importantly that you understand the challenges we face both as employees and employers.

Arturo Neto

Neto Financial Group

Dave has worked with us over 10 years now and has researched our life & medical, dental insurance. Dave continues to educate us with his knowledge. He continues to shop our insurance and finds us the best value for us. We would strongly recommend calling Dave for any of your insurance needs

Joe & Mary Bauer

Navigating the new health insurance landscape was proving challenging for me. The exchange websites are famously and frustratingly flawed, so not a great option for me as I looked for information. Dave was readily available, took time to understand my situation and needs, and provided a variety of options for my consideration. I enthusiastically recommend Dave and his agency to anyone trying to sort out their health insurance decisions.

Brian Hart

Dave helped us research benefits for our employees and was able to find dental, life, disability and vision insurance at a very affordable premium that we have provided for our employees. Dave answers our questions and keeps us up to date on the changes that occur.

Noel M Johnson, Broker

Premier Real Estate Services

Thanks to Dave we have been able to reduce our health insurance premiums enough that we were able to add vision coverage to our employees at zero additional costs. Dave is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and is always looking for the best option for our employees and us. He has introduced us to HR support, which has saved us numerous hours researching updated forms, onboarding new employees, organizing our documents. His software creates a digital space for our employees to log into to view all of their information without having to pull me away from other essential functions — plus being able to call an HR Professional on demand to ask a question or send an email to them if it isn’t urgent.


Stephaine Ament

Endurance Technologies

Dave has helped us with customizing our benefits into one location, which is extremely helpful for me. It allows me to focus on other items instead of searching for all the different products. Dave and his team provide incredible customer service.


Melissa Redepenning

Midwest Automatic Products

Insight Insurance and Dave have provided us wonderful service over the years! His services are superior and response time is prompt. We appreciate the services and would recommend his services to any small business.


Corina Schlichting

Steven V. Baker, Ltd.

We couldn’t be happier with Insight Insurance – the personal attention Dave gives us goes above and beyond expectations. He knows our business and always is looking out for us.

Sara Yurczyk

360 Rents LLC

Your attention to detail and willingness to dive in head first to help figure problems out really has helped us, as a small business sometimes we don’t have the time to dig in and you are always willing!

Stephaine Ament

Endurance Technologies

“Dave is one of the most experienced insurance specialists I have known. His knowledge is wide and broad and deep, and he has solutions for all businesses that can help reduce costs and customize the right product and service to your needs. He is super friendly and can also connect you to other business service providers so meeting with him is time well spent whether you are in the market for insurance now or just reviewing your options.”

Karen Schorkopf


“Excellent customer service! Calls are returned promptly, and they are there when you need them.”

Michael Hullett

Therapeutic Interventions

Dave is a dedicated, hardworking, energetic to work with. He gives 100% to his work completion. His insight to insurance in uncanny and he gives you a different perspective to healthcare.

Tyler Murray

You are on top of the latest trends for insurance and help guide us to what we can do to save money on an increasing expense.

David Hoeffel

Endurance Technologies

Dave is responsive to clients and professional delivery.

Jeff Batts

Principle HR Solutions & Consulting

Dave Toeben and his company have been awesome for last 6 to 8 years. Knowledgeable, honest, prompt, empathetic are some of the characteristics that comes as part of the package. I highly recommend him/them. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Tanuj Gulati

Energy Insight, Inc.

Insight provides great insurance service! I would recommend them to any small business as they have some great tools and partnerships with other well-known organization that enables a company to operate their business on a larger scale.

Joseph Johnson

Dave is the most knowledgeable person I know in the realm of benefit insurance programs. He takes care to provide the right product for the need, is honest about what he provides, and is diligent in doing things quickly and correct the first time. He is a great partner for your business to have.

Brad Stevens

Commercial Relationship Manager at Alerus Financial

We have worked with Dave for 10 years and he has been proactive in helping us keep up with healthcare reform and has kept our cost in line.

Tim Hennen

Hennen Lumber Company

Dave Toeben from Insight Insurance Services called us 2 Yrs ago about reviewing our dental insurance. We met with Dave and he reviewed our plan, shopped the market and came back with recommendations and was able to lower our cost of our dental plan and add a vision plan and our company still saved money. Dave also was able to find a program that our employees can buy disability and life insurance for our employees at no cost to the company. Our employees are happy to be able to purchase the coverage through work at reduced rates. We would encourage you to sit down with Dave to review your options.

Dave Hoeffel, President

Endurance Technologies

Dave is a trusted resource and offers great advice in this consultation. 
Thank you.

Chip Clark

Mitech Partner

Insight Insurance and Dave have helped us with our employee benefits from the day the company started. The online benefits management system and payroll system is incredibly smooth and convenient! It has saved me a lot of time and hassle. All employee changes are communicated directly from the benefits management system to our payroll system, making payroll a breeze. I feel like I have more control over payroll, but it doesn’t take more of my time. I would recommend Insight Insurance Services. I was also pleasantly surprised how easy it was to transition from our old payroll company to our new payroll with Insight Insurance Services. Dave is a great resource, and I appreciate how quick he is to respond to my emails and phone calls.

Shantel Nelson

Dayta Marketing

Dave Toeben has always gone above and beyond his scope of services! He is very knowledgeable and very responsive to our company’s needs and requests! We use the online enrollment, onboarding through Insight and it saves us a lot of time. He offers quick “assistance videos” and available for conference calls at a moment notice. Energy Insight enjoys our partnership with Insight Insurance Services.

Matt Haley

Energy Insight Inc

Being the first time our company decided to offer group insurance, I was wary about getting everything set up properly. Dave helped make this process so easy. Now that we are a couple years out from our initial setup, I appreciate that their help is just a phone call or an email away! 

Karry Casey

Animal House Veterinary Clinic

“Fast responses, manage the process for us (we didn’t have to babysit), online portals/training/videos are super helpful.”

Anna-Vija McClain

Piccolo Marketing

“Continue focusing on the value adds you have. It is a market differentiator. Being available to clients, I’m finding is the most important thing you can do.”

Jeff Batts

Principle HR Solutions & Consulting